Is Propecia Generic Finasteride Harmful?

Propecia is a hair loss treatment drug created by the Merck, the pharmaceutical company that have also released the drug called Proscar that is used for treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Basically, Proscar and Propecia are made with the very same ingredients.  Their only difference is the dosage in which they are dispensed as Proscar is made with 5mg finasteride whereas Propecia is made using 1mg finasteride only.  Nevertheless, the dosage of finasteride in which they are dispensed essentially designates their treatment duty.

Finasteride is the active ingredient used on both Propecia and Proscar.  For their generic form, they are designated with the name finasteride along with their dosage for identification on what they are to be used – finasteride 1mg for male pattern baldness, and finasteride 5mg for benign prostatic hyperplasia.  The problem with their generic term is that both are easy to confuse with the other which is why most people simply refer to their generic version as simply Propecia generic, or Proscar generic.  If you are using Propecia for your hair loss, then it is likely much easier for you to remember Propecia generic as your branded medication’s generic alternative.  Using the term Propecia generic helps to keep the confusion over their generic name away.

If you are suffering from hair loss, it is important that you should know that the most effective hair loss treatment happens to be named Propecia.  However, since daily use of the drug can be rather costly in time, a lot of users resort to using Propecia generic because Propecia generic costs a lot less than its branded brethren.  The savings you get from using Propecia generic is actually quite significant as you can get nearly two doses of Propecia generic for the price of just one dose of Propecia.  The use of Propecia generic allows you to go farther with your treatment, especially when you are tight on your budget and are only able to make ends meet every payday.  For this reason, there is really nothing to wonder why many are opting to use Propecia generic because they are able to get the most out of their money.

Propecia generic, basically the generic alternative for the widely popular hair loss treatment drug, is made using the exact same ingredients used in the making of the popularly branded drug.  There are hardly any differences between them, except maybe for the manufacturing processes and the pricing of both drugs.  Nevertheless, Propecia generic carries the very same treatment punch offered by its costlier cousin.  For this reason, it means that whatever potential harmful effects that Propecia carry, that it will also be carried by its generic version, Propecia generic.

Many people are asking if the content for both drugs, finasteride is dangerous or harmful to its users.  The truth is, this study have already been carried out by Merck to check whether finasteride is actually harmful or causes some particular harm to its users.  It is however found out that excessive use of the drug on some individuals may cause certain erectile impairment.  The condition is actually not permanent as the impairment will quickly revert back to normal functions once the user stops using Propecia or Propecia generic for several days.

Once things are back to normal, it is vital that the user quickly returns back into using Propecia generic for treating hair loss, otherwise, the many years of treatment using Propecia generic will only be washed away if no Propecia generic treatment drug is used after around two weeks of stopping.  One thing is clear though, the harm that some people are asking with regards to the use of either Propecia or Propecia generic is not inherent among all its users.  The condition or harm being reported of Propecia generic finasteride use is more like associated only to certain individuals and not over the majority of its users. Read more: Can You Take Both Finasteride and Flomax Daily?