An Overview About PDE5 Inhibitor Drugs

PDE5 inhibitor drugs are the popular treatment options for men suffering impotence or erection problems due to certain health issues. Most doctors recommend the use of PDE5 inhibitor medications if you have been suffering erectile dysfunction and still donā€™t want to miss your active sexual life. The use of PDE5 inhibitor drugs are a practical option to conquer ED issues and enjoy an intimate time with your partner.

Why does ED occur?

ED or erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder which is very common in men, both young and old. It is characterized by the inability to get a hard on despite of sexual stimulations. The symptoms of impotency can be very devastating for most men as it takes away their manhood and the chance to enjoy their sexual life with their partners. Often time impotence is directly linked with stress and a number of psychological factors. Other health issues that might trigger the onset of ED are heart problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes. So if you have been suffering impotency for quite a long time then it might be as well a sign of underlying health issues waiting to be diagnosed by your doctor.

Is there a way to prevent ED?

So far there are no specific steps to prevent ED as it may affect men of all ages. However, a healthy lifestyle and avoiding too much stress might help you decrease your chance of having ED. In general, keeping yourself healthy and active will help you avoid future sexual problems.

Are PDE5 inhibitors effective for ED treatment?

PDE5 inhibitor drugs are the only known treatments effective for erectile dysfunction problems. PDE5 inhibitor drugs work by enhancing the blood flow towards the male organ. The supply of enough blood will help the penis perform and sustain its erection as long as the sexual stimulation is there. Normally, an erection happens when a men is sexual triggered, causing the body to release enzymes that will enable the expansion and contraction of blood vessels. The expansion and contraction activities will make the flow of blood easier. However, when this chain of reactions is interfered due to some health problems, then the blood vessels go back to its original size and thus the huge amount of blood supply demanded by the activity is seized. This will eventually cause the failure of erection.

What PDE5 inhibitor drugs are available in the market?

Today you can find a number of PDE5 inhibitor medications in pharmacies worldwide, like Viagra, Cialis, Vardenafil, and Avanafil. However, among these drugs, Avanafil has been so far the latest drug that has been out in the market. Overall, Avanafil surpasses any other PDE5 inhibitor pills due to its faster outcomes and lesser side effects. More and more men are looking forward to use the PDE5 inhibitor medication Avanafil due to its promising effects. So if you have been bothered with ED problems then why not try the PDE5 inhibitor Avanafil? Solve your issues today and be free from ED with an effective PDE5 inhibitor drug Avanafil!