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Is It Safe to Buy Over the Counter Antibacterial Pills?

We are often mislead about drugs, especially if we buy them without prescription. Infections are very common, and in fact our body is fighting it every second and every minute of everyday. Thanks to our immunity system, we are able to survive everyday despite of our daily exposure to different pathogens. But the fact remains that nobody has a perfect body. Even though there are times when we feel sick and our body is able to heal by its own, there are times that we simply need an external intervention to cure our diseases. This is where we need to turn into medications that are specially formulated to cure a particular disease. Everyday we face different types of pathogens, and we are at risk of different types of infections, such as viral, fungal and bacterial infections, to name a few. Each type of infection have a particular antibiotic suited to kill the microorganism that caused the infection. However, for people who traditional buy over the counter antibacterial pills, they might be allowing themselves to expose at higher risk compared to those who donā€™t take the drug at all. Continue reading