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Androgenetic alopecia

There are a lot of causes for male and womens hair loss, such as stress, diseases, hormone imbalance and nutritional deficency. But the most common cause is androgenic alopecia.

Androgenetic alopecia occurs because of:

– Genetic tendency for balding

– Existence of male hormones or androgenes

– Aging

Women produce “male” hormones like androsteinedione, testosterone, and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) as well as men. They are important for both men and women, but they may contain in different concentrations. Imbalanced concentration may lead to male and womens hair loss. This can happen at any age.

People often start to realize that they lose hair at about 35 years. Hair thinning is natural but if the hair loss is more than the hair growth it is a problem.

The diagnosis of hair loss in men is often simple. Specialists observe a patterned distribution of hair loss – it affects the top, crown and front and note the existence of thin hair. The research is maintained by the progress of the hair loss according to a history of baldness in the family.

The diagnosis of womens hair loss is more complicated, because there are many non-androgenetic reasons like birth control pills, pregnancy, thyroid disease and gynecologic problems. An accurate diacrisis is very important for womens hair loss.

Hair is a delicate subject for men and women. Hair loss results may result extreme measures and paranoid treatments.  Before you start to panic take a look at your food. Even little modification in your diet may have an impact on your hair health. Here is what can help you preventing hair loss.

Carrots have an impact not only in the eyes; vitamin A-rich products provide great nutrition for the scalp. It moisturizes and strengthens your hair. Balanced diet of fruits, proteins, and vegetables are boosts hair hair improvement greatly.

Prunes will help you if your hair suffers from stiffness, thinning, hair fall or dryness. Prunes are sources of iron that improves the quality of hair.


Green peas contain a vitamins and minerals like zinc, iron and vitamin B. These are helpful for maintaining quality hair.


Oats contain essential nutrients like omega-6 fatty acids, iron and zinc. There are also known as PUFAs. Omega-6 acids help to sustain hair growth and skin health. Make sure your breakfast involves oatmeal.

Shrimps contain zinc, vitamin B12, iron, which are great nutrition to prevent hair loss.

Walnuts have the greatest impact on hair among the nuts. They are full of iron, B vitamins zinc, and protein. But be careful, because they contain small amounts of selenium, a mineral that causes hair loss in some people.

Eggs are the perfect assistant to grow healthy hairs. They contain large amounts of protein, zinc, vitamin B12, and iron. Deficit in any of these minerals and vitamins causes a poor quality of hair.